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Non-Profit Web Hosting

Become a member of our democratic and socially ran web hosting cooperative association and experience the incredible benefits of transparent, honest, and reliable service!

  • Faster Servers, Websites, and Email
  • Dependable Data Backup & Redundancy
  • Transparent Democratic Control
  • 24/7 Live Technical Support & Monitoring

Become a member today and recieve all of these great benefits!

Exceptional Website Speed

With 90% fewer neighbors on your server, speed up your load times with's superior hardware. Stop waiting on your website to load. You don't have to take anymore abuse from your overloaded web host. With our faster servers, you’ll have room to grow!

Data Backup & Redundancy

Never worry if your email or website is down. offers advanced multi-regional DNS & Email redundancy. also backs up all members data every other day to 2 different locations to ensure that your information is always safely protected.

Detailed Website Statistics

The power of getting the reports you want when you want them is easy to do and completely in your hands. View a multitude of website reports, ranging from total traffic (hourly, daily, and monthly), most visited pages, search engine keywords, countries, etc.

TownHall Member Access

Participate in a brand new type of socially run, democratic digital cooperative by voting and engaging on many important issues which affect you as a valued member of our digital community. Bring your concerns to our TownHall and be a part of the change.

Transparency Reports

It’s time to stop wondering what’s going on with your server. Receive bi-weekly transparency emails showing detailed server statistics. These reports include domain usage, email activity, bandwidth usage, as well as automated blacklist check reports.

24/7 Technical Support and Monitoring

Relax and enjoy the comfort in knowing your data is in good hands. is heavily focused on identifying and resolving your technical related issues and is available 24/7 via Phone, Live Chat, or e-mail ticket. We are here for you at all times!

What exactly is non-profit Cooperative Web Hosting?

Have Questions to ask?

What is is the world's first completely transparent, socially democratic, internet-run web hosting cooperative association. services its members all over the globe with fully transparent and honest website hosting solutions. Town Hall meetings and WebHosting.coops digital voting platform are some of the ways we give our members the ability to vote on important issues relating to's operations and service offerings. This innovative approach will help increase confidence in business, leverage the evolution of the internet, and raise the bar for service-based organizations of the future.

In what ways are transparent to it's members?

As an open, honest, and transparent cooperative association, offers our members unrestricted access to what companies consider sensitive information ranging from financial reports, to general shared server data reports, and official future roadmaps which can be altered by vote via our socially democratic voting software. (“TownHall”). We will not only send out bi-weekly server transparency emails, but we will also be releasing bi-annual financial reports, roadmaps, and abuse reports. While many companies prefer to keep this information hidden from their customers, we have full confidence in sharing this information, so our members can be fully aware of what is happening with the web hosting community which they are a part of. There’s no tricks, smoke screens, or hidden mirrors here: what you see is what you get.

How can I affect change I would like to see made with

Every member can participate in our socially democratic voting platform we call "TownHall". Members can submit suggestions, vote on upcoming issues, and communicate about any aspect of the cooperative. Petitions can also be submitted. Then when a member receives one third of overall total participation on their petition, the petition is then put up for vote during our quarterly live broadcasted town hall meeting. At this time, members may be requested to submit a final digital vote.

I have never had a website before. How can you help me? strongly believes that education is the key to successful growth. It is the cooperative's goal to educate all its members about all of the ins and outs of various important aspects of building, managing, and marketing their website. These days, most of everyone has heard of someone who started a blog and now they have their own business. At the same time, you may have also heard stories of people being taken advantage of because of lack of understanding in the process. It can be a tough road to walk out there in this new digital world.

Today technology has advanced to the point where an average person can get an AMAZING looking website pretty fast for free with a system to help them manage it via open source. We offer collaborative training classes where we teach members how they can use free open source software to accomplish their website initiatives. Our goal is to eventually build an entire school into our membership. One step at time of course!

I currently have a website. Can you help me transfer it? Is there a fee? offers 1 free website, database, and email trasnfer per membership. We can help for additional admin charge of $50/hr.

What our Members say:

The idea of is such a revolutionary idea, I couldn't help but get involved from the beginning. Reliable redundant shared hosting is hard to come by. The cooperative model gives me faith that my hosting is now an asset more than a liability.
Gregg BrawsFreeIdeaProject

Become a member today! Get started for only $100/Yr!